The Many Faces of Work

Work today is no longer tethered to a single location or bound by rigid hours. It has many faces. From hospital wards to factory floors, at home or in an office, work is increasingly interwoven in our lives. As elements of working and home life continue to blur, organisations need to ensure their employees are empowered with the flexibility and devices to work anywhere, at any time, in a way that suits them.

Modernising operations and infrastructure have long been on the agenda for UK enterprises, but the events of 2020 have now accelerated these plans. Computacenter and Microsoft are committed to helping organisations take a user-centric approach to the workplace and deliver a new, more resilient strategy that brings the best out of employees and maximises their investment in digital technologies.

Workplace Topics

Make the most of the talent within your organisation. With the right tools they’ll have the freedom to focus on the task – not the technology. In partnership with Microsoft we’ll work with you to build the physical and virtual environments that deliver user-centric, frictionless experiences  – to engage your workforce, improve collaboration, enhance productivity and offer more robust security.


Provide a consistent experience that’s intuitive, flexible, and mobile. Read more >


Keep your teams connected and working together, wherever they are.  Read more >


Work smarter, save time and unleash your employees’ full potential.  Read more >


Enable flexible working without exposing your organisation to risk. Read more >

Working Together

Over the last three decades Computacenter has partnered with Microsoft to help organisations create working environments in which their people can thrive to the best of their abilities. In the face of constant change, we continue to empower individuals and organisations to adapt and succeed.

Combining the latest technologies from Microsoft with our industry-leading business expertise, we bring user-centric IT experiences to the workplace. So  you can provide employees with a consumer-like experience in a securely connected work environment – wherever they are and however they choose to work.

Your Future Workplace

From providing information about a single product or service, right through to strategic advice for workplace transformation, we’re here to help.

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