Make your Employee Experience Count

Employees expect their experiences of work to be fulfilling and rewarding. They want to work for employers whose values are aligned with their own. But what do we really mean by employee experience?

It’s a combination of the interactions and touchpoints that enable the many faces of work. It’s the technology used, the devices, and the enjoyment of those devices. It’s about all the places and spaces people work in.

In this Executive Briefing, we look at why today’s employee experience needs to reflect the streamlined, convenient services people are used to in the consumer world. We consider the cultural changes and platforms needed to keep employees connected, motivated and productive. And we describe how Computacenter and Microsoft deliver a user-centric approach to workplace transformation. One that drives productivity and ensures a healthy talent pipeline.

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Use Case

Seamless Shift to Remote Working

How a rapid transition to homeworking kept this retail bank operational, and its 30,000 employees connected to customers, during the COVID-19 crisis.

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