Empowering Productivity

With more employees than ever working in a distributed fashion, the digital workplace has a new look and feel. Remote working at scale has forced a rethink about how to keep people productive, secure and happy, whether they’re at home, on the move, or in the workplace.

What tools do employees need to stay connected? How should employers manage the work-life balance of a distributed workforce? Will a new measure of productivity based on outcomes and not ‘presenteeism’ significantly change work cultures?

In this Executive Briefing, we look at the changing face of productivity, including the roles played by automation, collaboration and data analytics. We consider the new organisational structures needed to enable a distributed workforce. And we describe how Computacenter and Microsoft come together to give employees what they need to work productively wherever they are.

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Use Case

Powering a Future-ready Workforce

How migrating to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 transformed the end-user experience and kept this fast-growing rail provider on course for a productive future.

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